Seasonal depression or just overwhelmed?

Lately, I have been feeling extremely weird. I find myself sleeping more and just feeling exhausted all the time. I sleep at least 6 hours per night so I’m not really tired, I feel like its a mind thing. I’ve been neglecting my business, classes, and just overall being really hard on myself. I find myself in a trap because then I get behind on everything and start to feel overwhelmed. I talked to my friends and everyone keeps saying maybe it’s the weather change. I never really thought about that until now. This time every year I start to get really down and I really think it has to do with the weather! It gets dark earlier and it’s cold. Kind of forces me to stay in the house and lay in bed all day. These are one of the main reasons I want to move to Los Angeles; the weather is always nicer than the east coast and that will help with my “seasonal depression.” I’m quoting it because its self diagnosed lol. Do you get seasonal depression or feel the shift in your energy once fall/winter comes?


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