5 Steps to Start an Online Boutique

  1. Figure out what kind of boutique you want to have. Will it be clothing, accessories, or both? Women’s or Men’s? Who is your ideal customer?
  2. Figure out a name a legalize it. what will you site be called? Is it going to be an LLC, Corporation, or sole proprietorship? This can cost anywhere between $50-$1,000. Depending on if you copyright your name and which kind of business you file as. You can search how to file as a business on your state government site
  3. Get a resellers permit. This allows you to purchase wholesale from vendors and tax your customers on your products. This is important when selling online because you can be taxed a lot of even shut down if you don’t have this. This is proof to manufacturers that you will be reselling and not using for your enjoyment.
  4. Set up a website. You can create a website so easily these days. I currently use Shopify.  They come with pre-made templates based on the type of business you have. They also have discounted shipping rates and it’s so easy for not only you but the customer to navigate.
  5. Market your business! This is the most important step when starting an online business. You will not get sales if you don’t market. Market on your own social media but also set a budget aside to do some paid promotions. You have to pay to play in the online world these day so remember that!

Now, these steps are pretty simple! After this all it takes is consistency. Constantly stay ahead of the game and know what your website will have and look like months in advance. Plan marketing, new releases, and photoshoots accordingly and eventually your business will run it’s self. It’s not an overnight thing, for most, so keep going even when you don’t see the sales you’d like.

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