Exploring the LA Fashion District

Whewwww Chilleeee! I went to LA about 2 weeks before my website launch thinking I was going to get everything I wanted. Welp, that didn’t happen. This was a 2 day adventure and I was over whelmed to say the least. The first day I got there I had a list of stores I wanted to check out based off of what I saw on Fashiongo. I started buying everything I liked an quickly found myself with a whole bunch a pieces that didn’t create the story I wanted my brand to portray. They were all great pieces but they didn’t compliment each other. My advice for anyone going to the LA fashion district is to have a creative direction BEFORE you go. Create a mood board and write down specific pieces that you MUST have on your site. When writing down the pieces make sure you be very specific as far as color, cut, and how many of a specific piece of clothing you want to buy. So don’t go buying a whole bunch of tops and all you have on your website are tops, is that isn’t your focus.

The second day was much better because I had more of an idea of what I was getting myself into. I was more strategic with my money and even took pictures of things I might want to add to my site in the future. Aside from it being overwhelming initially, I found that it became addicting. I found myself wanted to go back the whole rest of my trip. So before you go buying up everything just take a step back and look around first. Browse for the lowest prices and check the quality of the clothes before you purchase. You don’t want to end up with a bunch of cheap, ill fitted shirts, like I did! SMH! Make sure you walk confidently and mean what you say when talking to these manufacturers! They will sell you w.e you are willing to buy. Now go out and take the LA fashion district by storm! Don’t stress and enjoy the journey!

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