What to bring to a clothing photoshoot

Below are a list of things I need for every photoshoot:

  1. Vision board. So you and photographer know what direction the photoshoot is going in
  2. Shot list. This is a list of EVERYTHING you want a picture of. Don’t just write down all your products but what being paired with what.
  3. Steamer. Keep the wrinkles away!
  4. Clothes pins
  5. Lint brush
  6. Snack and Beverages
  7. All the pieces needed to shoot
  8. Garment Bags
  9. Photographer
  10. Makeup Artist
  11. Model or Yourself 
  12. Props
  13. Razors
  14. Hair ties
  15. Measuring Tape

The Best Marketer Wins



During homecoming I handed out free glasses from my website. I decided to do this because I am in the process of building my brand awareness. I thought this would be a great idea to connect with people in person and hopefully turn them into future customers. In order to receive a pair of glasses they had to follow my business instagram and my personal instagram. Overall, I really enjoyed doing this and gained 25 followers on my business page. What are some cool marketing ideas that you think will build brand awareness? What things make you buy from a small business?

Huge Pretty Little Thing Fall Haul

Watch me try on some clothes I got from Pretty Little Thing. Online shopping can be tricky because the sizing and material can vary depending on the item. In this video I try on the items to show how it would fit on someone my body type. What are some of your favorite online stores to shop at?

Boohoo Fall Clothing Haul

In this video I showcase some items I purchased from Boohoo. This purchase was focused on my fall essentials. I purchased tons of t shirt and sweater dresses. These are easy for me to throw on and go to class in. One piece, one outfit! What are some of your fall throw on items?

Fall Haul 2018: Bath & Body Works + Ulta Beauty

In this video I just haul some items I got at Bath & Body Works and Ulta Beauty. I recently ran out of a lot of makeup and fragrances so I thought I should restock. I’m super excited about the Fall fragrances and new makeup to try. I hope you enjoy the video and let me know what other videos you would like to see from me. See you next time!

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