What I’m Thankful For #grateful

  1. Friends and family. They keep me grounded and sane in this hectic world lol. They are my why in a lot of things that I do.
  2. My Apartment. Last time this year I was struggling to pay my rent every month and now I am comfortable in my apartment without the stress of not knowing if I will be evicted.
  3. My business. Ever since I started my business I just feel different. My future became concrete because I know this is something that not only makes me happy but will eventually make me money. Thankful for the growth it will take to become a multi million dollar business.
  4. School. Lordt! School has been very challenging for me, not academically but mentally. Being at Howard has taught me a lot and I’m just thankful to be finishing my last year and graduating in May

What to bring to a clothing photoshoot

Below are a list of things I need for every photoshoot:

  1. Vision board. So you and photographer know what direction the photoshoot is going in
  2. Shot list. This is a list of EVERYTHING you want a picture of. Don’t just write down all your products but what being paired with what.
  3. Steamer. Keep the wrinkles away!
  4. Clothes pins
  5. Lint brush
  6. Snack and Beverages
  7. All the pieces needed to shoot
  8. Garment Bags
  9. Photographer
  10. Makeup Artist
  11. Model or Yourself 
  12. Props
  13. Razors
  14. Hair ties
  15. Measuring Tape

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