College Vlog: Howard Homecoming 2018

In this vlog I show me attending Howard’s fashion show. As you can see the show was very boring and we weren’t feeling the fact that we wasted our money. I did a pretty bad job vlogging homecoming because I was really caught up in the moment and turnt up lol! Hope you enjoy the video ❤ btw the hat that I am wearing will be on my website soon! Check out the sale happening on there now!

Chit Chat GRWM: Getting Through College

Have you ever questioned your purpose in college? I’ve been facing that question a lot lately and had to shift my whole mindset when thinking about college. In this video, I talk about finding your why and getting over temporary emotions. I hope this video can open your mindset to pushing through temporary feelings and thinking about the bigger picture. What are some things you do when you second guess your purpose, in certain situations that you know is beneficial to you?

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